Skeleton Key

by Calisus

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released May 22, 2012

Produced by Casey Sabol
Engineered by Justin Gosnell
Drum engineering & additional drum production by Kory Gable
Mixed & Mastered by Brandon Paddock
Music & Composition by Calisus
Lyrics by Patrick Koch
Copyright 2012 Mad Hatter Music LLC



all rights reserved


Calisus Hagerstown, Maryland

Coming from a bustling “Hub City” in Western, MD there lies a Region where great music often times gets overlooked…and then there comes the amazingly “active rock” quintet, Calisus. With power rhythms and elevated melodies that are delivered with laser focused pinpoint accuracy, Calisus not only satisfies the true live experience, but they also treat the listener with an amazing audible adventure. ... more


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Track Name: Skeleton Key
In another life, another place
There was a shadow without face
I could see the survivors were few
Memories to which I cling
Things I do and songs I sing
They all bring me back to you

I wasn't born to be the skeleton you see
Born from the purity of scars that carry me
Into the night I follow light of harmony
Leaving me dead and hollow if I once believed

Distant tears, immortal eyes
Burning deep into the night
And I grow so tired of this place
Days will pass, wheels will turn
Forever I will always burn
But I know desire won't change

It's not what you see
You gotta believe
All that you need is the skeleton key
Track Name: Feeding the Strain
Every breath I take
I'm feeling that I'm falling
These demons I can't shake
They wait as I come crawling
There's no real core I feel
An empty shell I service
It seems that no one knows
What lurks beneath the surface

There was a time we could amend
I'm needing a hand to pull me in
Stop me before the end begins
Feeding the strain that breeds within

Sudden as a knife
You thrust into my numbing
Heart as it beats to the
Sound of a thousand drumming
How can I learn to love
If I can't feel myself
I slip beyond the void
Into my own dark hell

I just want to feel alive
Yet I wither here and die
Track Name: Better Part of Me
Is it dark before our dawn?
How do we rewrite our song?
You left me hanging out along the fringe
What do you expect from me?
Who I am and what I'll be
What I want is already right here

How can we unchain?
Can you remain

A better part of me
Feeling like a dream
The way to make it seem
And all the things that pull my heart out
Deep into your sea
The waves that carry me
And I can finally breathe
You're the better part of me

Stuck in time and lost in you
Games you play and words you choose
Your abuse, it makes me feel alive
How you feel is no disguise
It's painting sunsets in your eyes
What you want is already right here
Track Name: Dirt
Can you help me?, I've lost my mind
I've been trippin', I've been blind
I'm a death car, a wrecking ball
Self destruction, self devolved

So would you care enough to bring me down
Down to where it hurts
So bury my confessions with my soul
Deep within the dirt

I can't mind me anymore
Disheveled instinct in a broken core
This infection, it won't take long
Misdirection, amiss drawn

And it's no question you're mistaken
And I don't know if it'll be alright

So would you care to keep pushin' me down
So I can feel the hurt
So bury my obsessions with my soul
Deep within the dirt
Track Name: Let Me In
Paralyze me
Just like you did before
I'm realizing emotions are so pure
And it was never part of my intention
Now I learn to fly
Into these artificial skies

I don't know what it takes to bend
Even though all good things must end
Break in and steal my heart again
If you'll let me in

And it's so tempting
To lose my head this time
I'm circumventing the walls in my mind
Does it all come down to this
I gave in for you to resist
So poison me with one last kiss

Open the door to your heart
These empty pages are tearing us apart
Track Name: Devil's Eyes
The waves are coming clean
Crash your breach and roll the tide that dreams
The tide that dreams tomorrow
Carry on and cover me
The storm will come and it brings relief
Make it bleed, haunt my star of sorrow

Hand on, pull me back and align me
Sink in skies where angels hide
Out from the devil's eyes we're blinded
We'll rise up, rise up with the tide

Quarinah and ecstasy
Hiding behind the unspoken dreams
What will it take to find what's under the seams
Sexual nicotine
You make me rise just like steam
I see right through you, but what does it mean?

Well I can't seem to shake it now
Back into depths of your sound
Another way you bring me down right to my knees
Kick it in and drop it down
I throw the gears, now the clutch is burnt out
I can't get a grip, the wheels start to slip
I lose control when you start to tease